Since 20 October 2016, the company Credis became majority shareholder of Integrale Luxembourg with 85%. Integrale Belgium stays the shareholder of the remaining shares (15%). The endorsement of the Commissioner of Insurance regarding this transfer was communicated to us by letter on 13 June 2016.           

The purpose of the change of ownership is twofold: to allow the financing of commercial developments of Integrale Luxembourg and alleviate the burden of prudential reporting at consolidated level.         

No impact on policyholders' contracts   
The change of ownership of Integrale Luxembourg has no legal impact on the policyholders’ contracts. Integrale Luxembourg will always enjoy the support of Integrale Belgium as far as  investment materials, logistics and technology are concerned.   

Who is Credis?        
Credis is a subsidiary of Nethys Group. It is active in the energy sector, media, telecommunications, pensions and brokerage. Credis is a company specialized in mortgages. Its headquarters is located in Liege.


Integrale Luxembourg specialises in the management of supplementary pension schemes intended for company employees. In fact, our core business is group insurance.

We offer flexible solutions adapted to a company's size and budget.

In addition to traditional supplementary pension schemes we offer customised solutions that tackle the very specific problems of expatriates.

Our services also deal with the special features, for example of reinvestment products or tax-deductible insurance.

Integrale Luxembourg is an approved company regulated by the Luxembourg Insurance Commissariat and authorised to operate from the Grand Duchy with freedom to provide services in many countries, in particular France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, …

High net returns, the total distribution of our profits and our direct approach with our clients constitute our trademark.