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Supplementary Pension Scheme

With a supplementary pension solution adapted to your company, the employer provides second pillar pension capital for its employees. In addition, in the event of death before retirement, a death benefit may be paid to the beneficiaries.

More than ever, retirement has become an "active" period in life which people want to enjoy to the full. Pensioners are living longer and are in better health, which means they need more resources. This is why the second pension pillar exists.

In addition to the first pension pillar (statutory pensions), there is a second pillar (supplementary pensions). This offers a supplement to the statutory pension. The financing is borne by the employer, with or without employee participation.

We offer you efficient and transparent solutions, in complete discretion and tailored to your needs, as well as a personalized service. Compare and make your choice in full knowledge of the facts! This will allow you to enjoy your well-deserved pension to the full.

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